About me


My nam e is Andrzej Czabator. I come from Gubin, the town in the western part of Poland. It is my small homeland. I was born here and I took here a general shape of mine. I was taught in Gubin to a secondary school. Higher education  I achieved in other , bigger cities (Warsaw,  Poznan). I studied political science, philosophy and economics. Only philosophy became my passion, but no biggest. Since my youngest years something forced me do drawings and paintings.

My works, they express my personality, they explain my view  on the universe, my view on my  and other people place in the universe. I shall show the pictures, they were made no earlier than few years ago and paintings that I made last time. Most of them are acrylic and oil pictures. I will not write too much. I invite you to look at my paintings.

In accordance with the words of the famous  English artist of the 20th century Francis Bacon: “If you can talk about it why paint it”.

I invite you